Another Patient Request for Treatment from Pennsylvania. Notice His statement that "I absolutely cannot control my CRAVINGS "

From: R. E. Branch, M. D. [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 11:36 AM
To: 'RB
Subject: Hi R, Due to federal and state....RE: Weight Loss Consultation

…regulations that are very poorly crafted and thought out we are restricted to treating patients who must physically come to our Dallas, Texas, office at least one time for an appropriate examination before we can treat them.

However, we are in the process of recruiting a national state by state group of
Absolutely Thin Independent Medical Associate Physicians (ATIMAP Network Physician Group) who would be geographically located all over the USA so patients would live closer to Doctors that offer our treatment program making it must easier and convenient for patients all over the USA to enroll in our treatment program which we have been offering to our patients for the past 10 years which has made it much easier and convenient for patients to receive our medical treatment approach to overweight leading to obesity to which as a health problem in the USA is soon to become the most common cause of preventable death surpassing smoking.

Approximately 10 times as many Americans die from Obesity (300,000 Americans per year and rising) than breast cancer (about 35,000 Americans).

We first learned of the concept of Internet medicine in 1999 when the American Medical Association began offering an Internet medical service called Medem by annual subscription to physicians so doctors could use the Internet and websites such as ours at service called Medem by annual subscription to physicians so doctors could use the Internet and websites such as ours at service called Medem by annual subscription to physicians so doctors could use the Internet and websites such as ours at which I designed and published to the Internet in 2002 to make medical treatment of easier and more convenient for patients like you.  

I have a GREAT medical staff without whose great help I couldn't run my medical practice which has been mainly online for the last 9-10 years or so through my website at:

though I have a regular office, also, having a patient treatment website along with my regular office just makes it easier and more convenient for the vast majority of my patients to receive medical treatment.

Over the past ten (10) years we have treated 100,000 patients like you and I have never had a single patient report a problem with using this fabulous new technology in my medical practice!! 

"Telemedicine" is one of the terms that has developed among doctors and medical regulators (you would not BELIEVE how many rules, laws, and regulations we doctors have to comply with nowadays!! See "Policing for Profit" at:

which will give you some idea of what's behind all of this.

Most doctors and regulators don't think of this, but the good old telephone is a long time form of telemedicine.

If you stay on our email list (you must go to our website at and log in through completion of the website homepage forms to be added to our email list) we will be notifying patients by email of the closer locations of our Associate
ATIMAP Network Physicians and their locations as they join our national group of doctors all over the USA to make our program much easier to access for prospective patients just like you!!

We use prescriptive medications (phentermine has been in use for 50 years in the USA and a large well respected medical association called the American Association of Bariatric Physicians has reported that since phentermine was approved for use by the U.S. FDA in the USA 50 years ago that NONE of the original potential side effects such as high blood pressure, patient abuse of the medication or addiction has ever been reported in 50 years and based on the safety of the medication during this time the Federal Drug Administration should update and change their 50 year old "Indications for Use" and "Dosage" recommendations so so many doctors would not be afraid to use phentermine because over the years and with the SEVERITY OF OUR OBESITY PROBLEM more patients like you need to be treated with phentermine (but monitored by their doctors like we do by having the patient fill out a monthly progress note so we docs know how you are doing and if you are having a problem with the medication we can work with you to make changes to help you. 

We hope we will be able to offer our medical service much closer to you in the coming months when I can get an Absolutely Thin Independent Medical Associate Physician
or we're calling them ATIMAP Network Physicians in your area.

Stay on my email list and I'll give all of my patients regular updates when ATIMAP Network Physicians join my group and are closer to them so it is easier and more convenient to get medical treatment.

Best Wishes,

Dr. B
Dallas, Texas

From: RB [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 9:12 AM
Subject: Weight Loss Consultation

Hi. Saw you online and wondering if you do online or consultations over the phone?? 

I am approx. 30 lbs overweight (5'9, 220lbs) 42 yr old male in Pittsburgh, PA.

My appetite is the main issue. I absolutely cannot control cravings.

Let me know,


Another Prospective Patient:


From: P
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 8:27 PM
Subject: Appointment

Hi Dr. Branch,

I would like to set up an appointment to begin your program. I live in Canyon, TX, but travel a great deal. I am flying through Dallas this next Thursday, the 25th, and wondered if it might be possible for me to set up an appointment to get started.

I have gained almost 40 lbs over the last two years and it started a little when my father first developed vascular dementia. I cannot seem to loose the weight and this is the heaviest I have ever been.  

I look forward to hearing from you.