If you or your physician group would be interested in joining our Absolutely Thin Independent Medical Associate Physician Group (ATIMAP) National Medical Network please place your name and your email address in the forms on this website homepage you will be emailed a complete ATIMAP Physician Network Proposal to become an active ATIMAP Medical Network member and upon our acceptance we will begin referring patients to you who are in your area and who want our (primarily) online medical treatment for their overweight and/or weight loss maintenance issues. As the PROPOSAL to become an ATIMAP Network Physician is attached to an email that will be returned to you within a minute or so please also check your "Junk Email" box as some email filters put all emails with attachments in the Junk Email box.

Please complete the ATIMAP Physician Network membership application forms (the application forms will be emailed to you if you enter your name and your email address in the forms in the lower right corner of the homepage of this website and click the "Submit" button) and then snail mail them back to me at:

R.E. Branch, M.D.

Absolutely Thin LLC

15150 Preston Road Suite 150

Dallas, TX 75248

Office Phone 972-934-3231

Cell Phone (Best to Get Me Directly) 214-686-5877

Office Fax 469-484-6959

or you can scan them and save them to a file, then send them by email to me

as email attachments at: