Selected Unsolicited Comments from Patient Emails:

  • From: DAL (8-3-2010)

         Subject: Thank you.

         Email Copy:

         I just​ wanted to write and thank you for changing my life! I know it sounds like a
         cliche but there is no other way to describe it. I began gaining weight when I was
         thirteen. All through high school and for the past 20 years I have battled both
         weight and the depression and zero self esteem it caused. Nothing helped/
         worked and I would sink even deeper into my low self esteem shell. You
         provided me with the knowledge, skills and tools that not only helped me for
         once in my entire life reach my goal weight but continue to equip me to control
         food instead of it controlling me and my entire life!! Not only do these skills and
         tools help me keep the weight off instead of just gaining it all back and more like 
         everything else I have tried, my self confidence is rising and I am " stepping
         out" to do things to enjoy life!! I look forward to keeping the weight off and
         continued self esteem improvement thanks to you!! Again, I cannot thank
         you enough!!!