Regular daily email I receive from prospective patients asking for treatment from all over the USA (plus, I have received patient treatment requests from Canada, the UK, and Australia over the past ten plus years):

Following are just a few of the 10-20 recently received emails I received from all over the USA requesting medical help for weight loss and/or weight loss maintenance using
my  a ten year old primarily online medically supervised treatment program operated on the online side through my website at: medical help for weight loss and/or weight loss maintenance through a ten year old  weight loss and/or weight loss maintenance program that incorporates the use of a website I designed and had published to the web in 2002.

  •  FROM: KS 10-10-2012

         SUBJECT: Looking to start a phentermine regimen to lose weight

         Email Message:  

         Good Afternoon,

         I have been to your website ( ) and I LOVE your approach to helping people in need of losing weight.

 I have tried finding a doctor to prescribe a 30 day supply of phentermine to me in South Florida but I have been unable to. 

I have spent hundreds of dollars going to Medical Weight Loss clinics where they charge me $80 a week and only give me 7 pills at a time. I have lost 11 pounds in 3 months, but I cannot continue to pay those prices and to miss works once a week to get my refills. I realize you are in Texas and I am in Florida. 

Can you tell me what you suggest? 

Can I schedule an appointment with you via SKYPE and become a patient of yours?

Can you prescribe phentermine to me for 30 days if I am in Florida? 
I am very​ interested in hearing back from you. I need your guidance. I am not sure where to turn anymore. Thank you very much.

Most Sincerely,

K.S., M.S., M.B.A.

Another Prospective Patient (and a series of email exchanges that are humorous...(and indicative of a much needed bona fide medical opportunity...). R.E.B.

Email Subject Line: Re: Hi Charlie, Let's set a phone appointment to talk about...RE: Prospective New Patient - Question

Email Series:

​Email Body:

Dr. B

My name is JC (a female name R.E.B.), I am using a fake account because I did not know if the website is legitimate. There are a lot of scams out there.

I'm free to talk tomorrow any time between 8-9 or 11-1. I could also talk any time that is convenient for you on friday.

My phone number is ...

Thank you,
J   (A Female name REB)