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R.E. Branch, M.D.
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Dear Doctor,

In an attempt to give projections of potential income to ATIMAP Network Physicians we made the following assumptions (which may or may not prove out, but they seemed reasonable to me):

1. As times goes forward we refer two (2) NEW patients to ATIMAP Network  
    Physicians each day (with obesity rates and our past 10 years experience this seems
    reasonable, but it may prove high or low).
2. Each patient chooses long term pharmacotherapy to treat their CHRONIC    
    CONDITION and submits a monthly progress note that indicates a monthly
    medication refill of their medication is medically indicated and each patient
    refills their medication monthly (See the derivation of the following annual
    incomes projections in the tables labeled Est Income Year 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
    on the homepage of this website).

    The projected annual income per year is:
     Year One: $143,000.00

     Year Two: $345,600.00

     Year Three: $604,800.00

     Year Four: $825,600.00

     Year Five: $1,093,200.00

These figures are projections and they may be high or they may be low.

What if...the per cent of an ATIMAP Network Physician who works hard, treating her/his patients with care, knowledge, and understanding and her/his guaranteed patient population base under her/his treatment rises to ...2%...3%...4%...or more???

Treat your online patients which we refer to you immediately as an approved member of our ATIMAP Network Physician Group in any area of the USA when you submit an application to become a member of our National ATIMAP Network Physician Group as prospective patients complete their online patient Registration forms on our www.absolutelythin.com website  for (primarily) online medical treatment of weight loss and/or weight loss maintenance from where and when you want such as:

1. Your favorite Starbucks
2. Your favorite Barnes and Noble
3. Your Home Patio 
4. During the switch from the Front 9 to the Back 9
5. While you're getting your nails done
6. Your Manhatten Penthouse
7. Your little getaway on the French Riviera
8. The Research Lab
9. The Surgery Lounge
10.The hospital Doctor's Dining Room
11. The Tanning Salon

In short, just about anywhere and any when you want to (though you should get all of your patient's medication treatment refill requests-which come to you by email hourly- called in to the patient's pharmacy DAILY as every ATIMAP Network Physician ALWAYS delivers PROMPT patient medical service (to go along with all of our other MANY Absolutely Thin Medically Supervised Online Weight Loss and/or Weight Loss Maintenance Program's quality control online patient medical care service features)!!

I appreciate your interest and I would welcome your completion of an application to become an Absolutely Thin Independent Medical Associate Physician (or ATIMAP National Medical Group Network.

An ATIMAP National Network Physician application will be emailed to you if you simply put your name and your email address in the forms on the lower right side of this page and click the "Submit" button.

In order to be processed the application to become an ATIMAP National Network Physician the application must be fully completed with your credentialing documents and returned to me by snail mail. Because the ATIMAP Proposal Agreement as well as a check list are email attachments be sure to check you Junk Mail box as emails with attachments are sometimes routed to Junk Mail by email filtering systems.

Normal processing of an application takes about 2-4 weeks. 

I am establishing a national network of doctors who will be geographically dispersed in every state in the USA and who will be Independent Physician Associates to treat ONLINE overweight and/or weight loss maintenance patients who will be referred to each Independent ATIMAP network Physician by our National Headquarters office in Dallas, Texas, for (primarily) ONLINE medical treatment of overweight and/or weight loss maintenance patients in conjunction with our online patient medical treatment website at:


Each ATIMAP Network Physician will be guaranteed a potential patient population base of 250,000 patients for (primarily) online medical treatment of overweight/obese patients and/or weight loss maintenance. 

As an example of monthly income as an ATIMAP Network Physician's Patient Census grows to 1% of of their guaranteed potential patient base the ATIMAP Network Physician's monthly income by check or direct deposit to her/his bank account is $100,000.00 per month (See "Est Income Buttons" Years 1-5 in Left Website Navigation Panel).

There is no cost to become a ATIMAP Network Physician and any ATIMAP Network Physician may withdraw by giving 30 days written notice.

We have operated our (primarily) online medical practice for the past 10 years treating well 
over 100,000 patients during that time with excellent results and no known untoward patient 
treatment events.

We have a huge national database of patients all over the USA who desire our primarily 
online medical treatment of patients who are either overweight/obese and/or need our online medical treatment for weight loss maintenanceand we are expanding to a national (primarily) online medically supervised program restricted to medical treatment of patients overweight and/or desiring treatment for weight loss maintenance to attain and to maintain a healthy weight in a new (primarily) online approach to medical treatment of the number one cause of preventable death (at or about to surpass smoking as the cause of death of 300,000 Americans per year

Obesity is the reported cause of death in approximately ten (10) times as many Americans 
as is breast cancer in the USA

These folks unfortunately (without our online medical treatmentCAN'T, "Run for the Cure!!

Join our ATIMAP Online Medical Group and let's help them!!

Our program Physician Treatment Network will be known as the Absolutely Thin 
Independent Medical Associate Physicians (ATIMAP) network and our network ATIMAP 
physicians will be referred patients from us for treatment of the number one cause of preventable death (Overweight leading to Obesity) in the USA using our simple patient treatment protocols which take little physician time (or can be delegated to medical staff).

Our ten (10) year old treatment program is done using our primarily online medical (AMA CPT Code 99444) approach (i.e.  "Online Medical Evaluations" as per the AMA's "Current Procedural Terminology" to treating overweight and/or weight loss maintenance alone (as a common sense form of preventive medicine) using our (primarily) Internet based program for which 
patients are placed on a 1000 calorie per day restricted caloric intake and in our treatment 
protocol we control patient's hunger cravings which result in overeating and food bingeing 
using a combination of phentermine and Prozac.

Medication dosage is adjusted on a month to month basis using a sliding scale medication 
dosing system following review of the patient's required monthly Progress Note which 
each patient completes on our 


website each month and is then automatically emailed to the patient's treating ATIMAP Associate Physician for medical review and a medical determination for a monthly medication refill.

The medication refill is then called in by telephone to the patient designated pharmacy 
of choice as chosen by the patient. This takes about two (2) minutes per patient of each ATIMAP Network Physician's time (or her/his designated medical staff's time per patient) per month for online treatment of the most common cause of preventable death in the USA (200 million-and- growing patients who need our medical treatment.

Ours is the oldest, most convenient, most effective, most efficient online medical treatment for the most serious health problem in the USA!!

This cycle repeats monthly primarily online, but with patient office visits as needed.

ATIMAP Physicians receive a GROWING (see buttons 1-5 on the upper left toolbar) monthly check-ours is a CASH ONLY Medical Practice that is a (primarily) online MEDICAL PRACTICE (or we'll direct deposit -online, of course-to your bank account if you don't want to have to run to the bank each month to deposit a messy paper check!!) as the ATIMAP Network Physician's base of patients under our online medical treatment GROWS the ATIMAP Network Physician's monthly check GROWS!!

Each monthly ATIMAP Network Physician's check
comes with an itemized list of Absolutely Thin patients the ATIMAP Network Physician has treated.

The patient's online Initial Registration as well as a required monthly Progress Note medical records are completed and stored on our patient online treatment database at therefore the need for ATIMAP Network Physicians to maintain their own medical records is minimal: 

The patient's online medical records are kept in our SSL secure website database which are protected on the patient side by database issuance of a 7 character alpha-numeric password which is emailed to the patient upon completion of the patient's online registration for consideration of acceptance into our Absolutely Thin (primarily) Online weight loss and/or weight loss maintenance program for ongoing patient medical care.

Click here to see next page with facts about the severity of our nationaly obesity epidemic and potential additional cash income to your medical practice as an active member of our Absolutely Thin Independent Medical Associate Physician (ATIMAP) Medical Network.