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To comply with a federal law which was passed in 2009 which was poorly thought out and was passed after numerous commissions of Congressional perjury by a high ranking government official for his personal gain and that of his federal agency with a threat to our American civil liberties and freedoms that has been referred to by a federal prosecutor as, "Gestapo-like" all ATIMAP network physicians must physically see prospective patients (i.e. "Face-to-Face") for an appropriate medical history and appropriate examination at least one time (but rarely more unless determined medically necessary-which in our ten (10) year experience has been very rare-for treatment for weight loss and/or weight loss maintenance only!

Our REQUIRED doctor patient agreement with the patient to which the patient must agree to be accepted into our treatment program requires that the patient agrees to have their Primary Care Physician treat any obesity related co-morbidities the patient may have such as Adult Onset Diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, as well as any other obesity related health co-morbidities that may affect the patient as a consequence of their overweight /obese condition.

Any doctor patient relationship (a frank "fee for service" business contract to which BOTH parties must agree to be binding) is strictly LIMITED to evaluation and treatment of the patient's overweight condition and/or to practice preventive medicine by helping the patient maintain their weight loss once it is attained by the patient.

Our patient treatment program begins with the patient registering for treatment on our www.absolutelythin.com website by completing an online appropriate medical history which is stored in our online medical record database. 

Thereafter, an office appointment with one of our ATIMAP Network Physicians is scheduled by appointment and is usually accomplished in 10-15 minutes or less.

Thereafter, virtually all treatment is ONLINE with a required completion of a monthly progress note by the patient which is also stored in our secure website database while a copy of the patient required online monthly progress note is emailed to the patient's ATIMAP Network Physician for medical review and whether a monthly medication refill medically indicated as before, if there need to be medication dosage adjustments, if there is a need to speak to the patient by telephone, text, email, etc. and if determined medically necessary a one month refill of the patient's treatment medication is called in by telephone to the patient's chosen pharmacy.

This cycle repeats monthly.

Brief Overview of Our Primarily Online Internet Based Weight Loss
Weight Loss Maintenance Program
Sobering Thoughts about the National Health Effects of our National Obesity Epidemic

How You Can Help
Your Potential Income as an ATIMAP Network Physician

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!!"  
Albert Einstein

Compare to current-if such exists-"Traditional" or "Standard" medical treatment of 
Overweight and/or Weight Loss Maintenance
(60+ Per Cent of Americans are Overweight or Obese!!)

  • Facts Regarding Obesity in the United States

  • 300,000 Americans Die of Obesity Annually. Obesity is about to surpass smoking as the 
  • Number One (1) Cause of Preventable Death in the USA.

  • Obesity is so prevalent in our current generation of children that they are the 
  • first generation of children in the history of the USA predicted to have a shorter 
  • lifespan than that of their parents!

Facts Regarding Phentermine​
In 50+ years of use in the United States there has never been a known case of addiction 
or other commonly known elements of drug "Abuse" according to the Overweight and 
Obesity Evaluation and Management "Position" statement of the American Society of 
Bariatric Physicians(specializing in the treatment of fat-being "Benevolent Authorities" as advocated
 by the Texas Medical Board we Texas doctors still say the "f" word here...- patients) 

The ASBP OOEM Position
is entirely consistent with the published (among a number of others as well as
 our own ten year experience advocating long term medical obesity treatment with pharmacotherapy such as phentermine) study of the 
George Washington University Weight Management Department authored by 
Arthur Frank-published in "Obesity-A Research Journal" in 2004 and as of 10-12-2012 
available for online review at: